11 Best Wallet Brands for Men

Best Wallet Brands for Men – Wallets are used to carry cash, coins, id cards, driving license, PAN card and credit cards. Wallets are also used to carry small paper documents, photos, receipts or notes for convenience. Wallets are also considered as fashion accessories nowadays.

Wallets are of various types which are designed to suit different needs and preferences like bi-fold, tri-fold, sling, multi card holder, etc. Most of the wallets are crafted from leather and are available in different colours like navy blue, brown, black, pink, grey, etc. Here in this post we have listed some of the Best Wallet Brands for Men.

Best Wallet Brands for Men

Titan Wallets

Titan is an Indian company that manufactures watches, jewellery, fashion accessories, eyewear and wallets. Titan wallets are made up of durable leather which prevents wear and tear for long time. Titan wallets come with several pockets including id cards, coins, and notes. The wallets are thin, flexible, lightweight and non-bulky.

Fastrack Wallets

Fastrack is a popular brand among urban youth and fashion loving teens. It has wide range of products for men, women and kids like watches, eyewear, sunglasses, earphones, smart watches, bags, and wallets.

Fastrack wallets comes with various colours and designs. The wallets have many pockets to keep your cash, notes, coins, and cards. The wallets are smooth with glossy finish. Fastrack wallets comes in the list of top 10 wallet brands for men.

Wildhorn Wallets

Wildhorn is also a popular name in the wallet market. It’s a Kolkata (India) based brand which manufactures handcrafted genuine leather accessories. Most of the wallet comes with compact size and unique design.

The compact size of Wildhorn wallets just fit every pocket with ease. Wildhorn wallets come with different slots for cards, coins, cash, id cards, bills, receipts, and photos. The wallets are soft to touch and highly durable. Anyone looking for a combination of style, design and functionality, can buy Wildhorn wallets.

Tommy Hilfiger Wallets

It’s an American brand that manufactures apparel, fragrances, footwear, bags, wallets, and home furnishing items. Tommy Hilfiger wallets are smooth, beautiful and has unique designs. The wallets comes with spacious slots to keep cash and cards.

If you are planning to gift someone a wallet, then you can go with Tommy Hilfiger. In terms of Top Wallet Brands for Men ratings, I would give 4.1 out of 5 to this brand.

Hornbull Wallets

It’s a popular name for men’s and women’s wallets. The wallets are made up of high grade leather and neatly designed with soft and firm fabric. The wallets have spacious pockets and slots for keeping cash, cards and coins. Hornbull wallets look elegant and stylish and comes in bi-fold and tri-fold designs.

Hidesign Wallets

Hidesign manufactures handcrafted leather wallets and bags for men and women. The brand also manufactures trolley bags, footwear, jackets, sunglasses, belts, footwear, and accessories. The wallets come in different sizes from small, medium to large. The outer body of Hidesign wallets are made up of beautiful textured leather.

Best Wallet Brands for Men

Swiss Military Wallets

The brand manufactures bags, luggage, backpacks, wallets, trolleys, leather goods, rucksack bags, foldable bags, sling bags, etc. It has extensive range of wallets in different shapes and colours. The wallets look elegant and classy, and are highly durable. This brand is also in the list of Best Wallet Brands for Men.

Lavie Sport Wallets

The brand manufactures elegant style wallets, sling bags, laptop bags, backpacks, clutches, shoulder bags, handbags, trolley bags, gym bags and more. The wallets have multiple pockets and slots to keep your id cards, cash, credit cards, notes, coins and receipts. The wallet comes in different attractive colour like cherry, brown, orange, black, navy blue, pink, and many others.

Woodland Wallets

Woodland is famous for footwear, apparel, belts, bags, wallets, caps, and eyewear. Woodland manufactures variety of bags like cross body bags, hiking backpacks, canvas bags, trolley bags, waterproof bags and wallets. Woodland wallets are highly durable and comes with classy look. The wallets are spacious enough to carry cash and cards.

Urban Forest Wallets

This brand manufactures compact wallets with high quality leather. These wallets have sleek design and are available in more than 10 different colours. The wallets have spacious pockets for storing cash, coins, cards and other small documents.

Puma Wallets

The brand manufactures casual and athletic footwear, apparel and accessories. Puma is also known as the 3rd sportswear manufacturer in the world. Puma also manufactures durable wallets for men and women. The wallets are made up of high quality materials which looks elegant. Most of the wallets are water resistant and highly durable. Puma wallets also come in the list of Best Wallet Brands for Men.

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