Top 5 VLC Alternative – For both Audio and Video

VLC Alternative – Music is something that cannot be defined. For some it is meditation used for stress relieving while some even make a career out of it. It has that soothing effect which no other thing has. Another part of media plays a very important role in our lives and that is movies. For broadening our perspective to providing us the much needed dose of entertainment, it has been doing its part since its inception. Multimedia that was once new technology can now be seen prevalent in modest of phones and laptops.

An orange coloured icon has now become synonymous to multimedia. It is of VLC player that is a free and open-source player. It can be used for streaming and is also a cross-platform player developed by VideoLAN project. It is available for both laptops and mobile phones. It works fine for all platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android.

The main reason for its popularity is that it supports majority of the audio and video compression and file formats. It can also play damaged and incomplete files and provides various unique features to its satisfied users.

But what if you want a change? You must be looking for alternatives and thus we will discuss the top 5 alternatives for VLC.

Top VLC Alternative

KM Player

Now there are two types of players, common and advanced. KM Player finally manages to content both the categories. It is hard to move on from KM Player as it supports a wide range of formats and provides features for the innovative users. It is a highly rated software by the critics at pages like softonic, cnet etc.

But KM Player is an advertisement supported player with pop-ups unlike VLC which can toll on the mind of the customers. It is also famous for using less resources of the system and for playing 3D movies as well. With great decoders and simple editor, this player fails to leave behind any aspect. It is free of cost and is available for Windows users. A light weighted yet strong player awaits you in the name of KM Player.


It is one of the most popular media players on the internet and acts as a good alternative of VLC. Formerly known as RealAudio Player, it is developed by RealNetworks. Powered by an open source media engine called Helix, it can download streaming content online and can even convert your videos into different formats of your choice. With sharing videos on Facebook instantly possible, you can share your best moments with your family and friends in no time.

It supports vast number of operating systems and with plug ins installed, it is a player that can definitely surprise you. To get the full version, you can buy the RealPlayer 16 from here:

GOM Player

Gretech Online Movie Player is developed by GOM and Company of South Korea. Its main strength is that it can play broken media files and find missing codecs using an inbuilt codec finder. The word gom beans bear and thus the icon is a bear’s paw. From supporting various formats of subtitles, it can also play 360 degree videos by using keyboard and mouse.

You can get the audio part of the video in an MP3 format with its audio capture feature and with customization possible, you can change the skins and logos to suit your style and preference. You can download an app that will give you access to the remote control and it also comes with additional programs that provide you with the enhanced experience altogether.

DivX Player

It is a player for those who appreciate the blend of media and perfection.  It focuses on high quality to the point that it became the first player to support Ultra HD (4K) videos. It is optimized to watch tv shows and supports Internet’s most used formats.

It helps you stream online content and event cast that content on a big screen to better the visual experience. Equipped with screen navigation, it helps you be organized with your playlists. There advanced features like multiple audio playback that make it different from others and a viable option as an alternative of VLC Media Player.


Formerly known as XBMC, if you give a lot of importance to the user interface, this is the player for you. With the simplest of user interface, it can easily be used by those who are operating systems for the first time and are not aware of the players. It is a freeware programme supporting various formats. Developed by the XBMC Foundation, it is available for multiple operating systems and when you connect your Android device, you can use it as a remote control.

You can stream online content from Amazon Prime and Youtube and entertain yourself. This award winning player helps you stream live TV and access playback options easily. This is a one of a kind media player with unique attributes to its name.

It is important that you choose the right media player as consuming content is same as eating food. The better your player would be more enriched experience you will get. You must browse through different software to see what suits you and then decide on one. You can definitely pick one of these five and relish the media circus.