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Travel tips – When you are thirty – this is truly a magical time! You are a fully formed person. According to experienced travel advisers, thirty-year-olds don’t really want to save money, they prefer to spend them quickly, including on trips around the world. Here are 6 luxury destinations from for those who are over 30, regardless of whether you want to visit the lush valleys covered with vineyards, try extreme adventures or spend all day at the spa resort of the tropical island.

  1.      Japan

Nowadays Japan is the passion of every tourist, especially among those who are a little over thirty. This is an expensive direction, but in the Land of the Rising Sun, there is everything for every taste: excellent food, good cosmetics and clothes, high technologies and stunning ancient monuments, temples, churches, and the great Fuji. Fish markets, perfect transport system, Kyoto parks, and culinary delights (after all, Japan is not only sushi). These best weekend trips will bring you into full ecstasy and will remain in your memory forever.

  1.      Iceland

If you go to Iceland in winter, you will be rewarded with grand evening-night performances – the Northern Lights. If you come to this Scandinavian country in summer, the days will endless. So, you will have a chance to see all the natural attractions of the region. They are waterfalls and glaciers, a black beach and obstinate geysers. Don’t forget to plunge into the Blue Lagoon. From there, you can easily reach the capital with its ancient streets and amazing churches.

  1.      Italy

Choose one of the best adventure trips for 30-year-olds and go to Italy. Almost every corner of Italy is good at any time of the year, but experiences travelers especially recommend the coast of Amalfi. It is a land of charming coastal nature and gourmets. If you want to go to the north of the country, you will find the multicultural area of Trentino-Alto Adige with its small Latin communities, located almost close to Austria and Switzerland. It is best to rest there in late spring and early autumn. And you should visit the Amalfi coast in the Salerno region (for example, in the village of Positano) in winter or late autumn.

  1.      Argentina

Attractions in Argentina are not limited to boutiques, atmospheric cafes, and nightclubs of the bustling colorful Buenos Aires. Almost next to the capital, there is a magnificent wine region where tourists taste excellent local drinks. Rainforests and snow-capped mountains attract the most daring people and the Iguazu Falls is a real wonder of the world, which Argentina shared with Brazil. If you decide to visit this complex of waterfalls, around which a picturesque national park is formed, you will understand what magic is. It is impossible to draw such beauty in imagination, it must be seen. So, try all best road trips in South America.

  1.      South Africa

If you want to visit more (and see more) in a short time, why not try the following direction for those who are over 30? This is an amazing country where it’s easy to get a stunning ocean experience, get acquainted with the lovely penguins, and go on a safari or to the famous wine region of South Africa.

  1.      New Zealand

This country is a very young tourist destination, which began to develop only three decades ago. Now many people want to travel to the homeland of hobbits. Freshwater salmon, green mussels, delicious cheeses, berries, fruits, excellent wine – all this is local and environmentally friendly. Wellington is a “superstar town” and a perfect place for those who want to see where The Lord of the Rings was shot. And also you will admire the endless vineyards and can make a one-day tour to the winery.