Best Tea Brand in India – Red Lable, Taaza, Lipton, Taj Mahal

Best Tea Brand in India – In India Tea is considered as daily ‘lifestyle tonic’. You may skip your breakfast or lunch, but you can’t miss your cup of tea! Whether you are in school, college or in office; you can’t live without tea.

In India there are different types of tea available like black tea, green tea, masala tea, herbal tea, chamomile tea, etc. Here in this post we are going to list some of the Best Tea Brand in India.

Best Tea Brand in India

1. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea

You may have heard the tagline in TV advertisement ‘Wahh Taj’! The Taj Mahal Tea is very much popular for its unique flavour and taste. This brand is owned and operated by Hindustan Unilever which is a popular consumer goods company with its headquarter located in Mumbai.

This tea brand is operating since 1966. The tea brand also has other tea varieties like Taj mahal darjeeling, Taj mahal nilgiris, Taj mahal classic, Taj mahal gold, etc.

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2. Tetley Tea (Best tea brand in India)

Its a beverage manufacturer company which was founded in the year 1837 in England. The company was founded by two brothers Edward and Joseph Tetley with its headquarter in England.

By volume Tetley is the largest tea company in Canada and UK. In the year 2000, Tetley has become subsidiary of Tata Consumer Products. Tetley is the second largest tea company in USA by volume. This tea brand is liked in more than 40 countries.

3. Brooke Bond Red Label Tea (Best tea brand in India)

Red Label was launched in the year 1903 by Brooke Bond with the tagline ‘Swad apnepan ka’. Today Red Label is India’s one of the leading tea brand which is liked by major households. Red Label is a blend CTC tea which has best quality leaves. Its a Hindustan Unilever brand.

For its delightful taste and affordable price it is liked by middle aged group people. Red Label also has other varieties like Red label natural care, Red label special, Red label dust, etc. Brooke Bond Red Label tea comes in the list of Best Tea Brand in India.

4. Brooke Bond Taaza (Best tea company in India)

You may also have heard the tagline of Taaza tea brand i.e. ‘Tazaa ho le’. The leaves of Taaza have a unique taste and is famous in most of the Indian families. Its also a product of Hindustan Unilever. It is also available in different variants like Taaza leaf, Taaza dust, Taaza masala chaska, etc.

5. Tata Tea (Top tea company in India)

Tata tea is one of the famous tea brand which is liked by 2 in every 5 households in India. This tea brand has many variants like Tata tea premium, Tata tea gold, Tata tea agni, Tata teaveda, etc. In India it is popular for its unique blend of taste and flavour.

The major source of this tea leaves is from Assam tea gardens. The Tata tea comes under the Tata Consumer Products which is a fast moving consumer goods company with its headquarter in Mumbai.

6. Vahdam Tea (Top tea brand in India)

Vahdam is an Indian brand which collects tea directly from the farmers. Vahdam also has a good supply chain across the country which eliminates unnecessary middlemen like retailers, auctioneers and suppliers.

This traditional tea is composed solely of herbs and pure leaves which are hand-picked. Their herbal teas are caffeine free, organic and non-toxic.

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Best Tea Brand in India

7. Assam Manjushree Tea (Best tea brand in India)

Assam Manjushree is a Tea estate which is spread over an area of 400 hectares. Its 3 tea variants are very much popular i.e. CTC tea, orthodox black tea and tippy black tea. Apart from tea this brand also has other products like sugar, fertilizers and chemicals.

8. Wagh Bakri Tea (Best tea company in India)

Its a premium tea brand which is operating in the tea market since 1892. The brand is one of the largest supplier and exporter of tea in India. The brand has captured a huge market in the country in areas like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya pradesh, Hyderabad, Delhi, Uttar pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Punjab, Goa. Wagh Bakri tea is popular for bright colour and strong taste. This brand uses Assam tea leaves as its main product.

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9. Jarved Tea (Top tea company in India)

This brand has many tea varieties like black tea, green tea, organic tea, herbal tulsi tea, hibiscus tea, turkish delight tea, assam whole leaf black tea, masala chai tea, etc. It also comes with Tea Gift Box where variety of teas are kept. You can gift this tea box on special occasion like birthday, anniversary, or special party.

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10. Udyan Chamomile Green Tea (Popular tea brand in India)

This tea brand has won the Global Tea Championship 2019 award. This tea is shipped in more than 40 different countries. The tea leaves are crafted with diligent research. This tea is made up of rosemary and chamomile leaves which relaxes our mind.

For this reason this tea is preferred after tiredness or before sleep to relax our mind and body. The Udyan brand also has other variants too like black tea, oolong tea, green tea, CTC chai, white tea, matcha tea, etc.

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11. Lipton Tea (Best green tea brand in India)

Lipton brand is a British tea brand which is owned by Unilever. Lipton also had a supermarket chain in UK, which was later sold to Argyll Foods. Lipton green tea is very much popular in India for many health benefits like it increases immunity, helps in weight loss, maintain a healthy heart.

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12. Teabox Tea (Best tea brand in India)

Its an Indian tea brand with its headquarter in Siliguri, West Bengal. The tea leaves are sourced from Darjeeling, Nilgiris, Assam and Nepal. This brand has many collection of tea blends in which the Punjabi masala tea is the favourite one.

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