Best Shoes Brands in India – Adidas, Puma, Reebok

Best Shoes Brands in India – Are you planning to buy shoes, casual, formal or sports? Before purchasing any shoe we need to consider some features like the comfort, durability, its style, etc. There are many shoes brands available in the market, whether it be formal or sports type.

In this article we are going to list out some of the Best Shoes Brands in India. The brands listed here are for both males and females. Here we have listed every type of shoes brands like formal, informal, casual, sports, running, leather, etc.

Best Shoes Brands in India

1. Bata

Bata is one of the trusted footwear brands in India which is known for decent style and high quality. The company was founded in the year 1894 with its headquarters in Switzerland. The brand arrived in India in the year 1931 and became popular.

The brand has all type of shoes and footwear like sneakers, hiking shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, sandals, flipflops, kitten, office shoes, kids shoes, etc. It also manufactures bags, belts, wallets, handbags, apparels and other accessories. Bata ranks 3rd in the list of Best shoes company in India.

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2. Nike

The company was founded in the year 1964 with its headquarters in USA. Its an American multinational company which manufactures footwear, accessories and clothes. Nike has all types of shoes like formal, casual, running shoes, gym shoes, golf shoes, athletics shoes, walking shoes, football shoes, tennis shoes, etc.

In clothing section it has clothes for men and women like pants, hoodies, leggings, tops, shirts, tracksuits, yoga clothes, shorts, caps, etc. Nike ranks 4th in the list of Best Shoes Brands in India.

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3. Hush Puppies

This brand is popularly known for its formal and casual footwear. This American brand sells its products to over 160 countries globally. In footwear category it has boots, slip-ons, loafers, sandals, slippers, sneakers, soft style, walking shoes, rain sneakers, and other casual shoes.

Hush Puppies website

4. Puma (Best Shoes Brands in India)

Its a German multinational brand popularly known for manufacturing casual footwear, sports footwear, apparel, and accessories. The brand was founded in the year 1948 with its headquarters in Germany. The shoes may be expensive but are very comfortable and stylish.

In footwear it has sneakers, walking shoes, running shoes, gym shoes, sandals, flip flops, football shoes, cricket shoes, etc. Puma also manufactures clothes and accessories like pants, shorts, jerseys, t-shirts, innerwear, gloves, bags, sports bras, leggings, hoodies, etc. Puma also comes in the list of Best sports shoes brand in India.

Puma website

Best Shoes Brands in India

5. Adidas (Best sports Shoes Brands in India)

Adidas is a German multinational brand which manufactures shoes, accessories, sportswear and clothes. The company was founded in the year 1949 with its headquarters in Germany. It has shoes like running shoes, sneakers, football sports shoes, hiking shoes, cricket sports shoes, sandals, etc.

In clothing section the brand has t-shirts, tops, leggings, sports bras, jackets, shorts, tracksuits, hoodies, sports jerseys, swimwear, etc. It also has sports accessories like socks, gym bags, gloves, headwear, training bags, shoulder bags, etc. Adidas is also in the list of Best Shoes Brands in India.

Adidas website

6. Woodland

Its also a famous shoes manufacturing brand known for tough shoes. Woodland has all types of shoes for men and women like lace up, slip on, canvas, boots, flip flops, sandals, slippers, safety shoes, sports shoes, etc. Woodland also manufactures apparels and accessories like t-shirts, bottoms, chinos, denims, track pants, jackets, bags, gloves, travel kit, etc.

Woodland website

7. Reebok (Best Shoes company in India)

Reebok is also a famous shoes brand which was founded in the year 1958 with its headquarters in US. In the market Reebok is known for high quality sports and running shoes. The brand has every type of shoes for men, women and kids like running shoes, walking shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, sandals, etc.

It also has clothing items like tank tops, hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, loungewear, sports bras, plus size clothes, etc. If you are looking for best running shoes in India then you can go with Reebok.

Reebok website

8. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper is an American brand which manufactures footwear and clothing products. The brand is famous for its denim products in the market. The company was founded in the year 1908 with its headquarters in London, UK. The product quality is very high and durable. Prices are affordable and can be used by all age groups. Lee Cooper also comes in the list of best shoes brands in India.

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9. Timberland

If you are looking for stylish formal shoes for men, women and kids. The brand manufactures shoes, boots, clothes and accessories. In footwear the brand manufactures different items like books, hiking shoes, sneakers, boat shoes, waterproof shoes, work boots, ankle boots, sandals, toe boots, etc. In clothing category the brand manufactures t-shirts, outerwear, shorts, pants, jackets, coats, vests, hats, etc.

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