9 Best 3D Printing Companies which delivers 3D printing projects

Best 3D Printing Companies – If you are thinking that 3D printing trend has lost; then you are wrong! Rather it has evolved with new opportunities. Now you can buy 3D printing services direct to your home.

Not only that; if you are an 3D designer, then you can do freelancing with some of the Best 3D Printing Companies by selling them your own projects. Here in this review we are listing some of the Best 3D Printing Companies.

Best 3D Printing Companies

Shapeways – Click here

This company is since 2008 in the 3D printing marketplace. Its a New York based 3D printing company. You can design and upload your 3D printable file at Shapeways; and Shapeways will print the object for you.

If you order more than $25 from them; then you will get 10 percent off with free shipping. In their marketplace you can browse many designs like-

Pendants & Necklaces
Men’s Accessories

RC Cars
Camera & Video
Airsoft & Paintball

Tabletop & Wargaming
Board Games
Desk Toys


They are the most well known 3D printing company mainly for their quality of prints.

Stratasys – click here

They are American 3D Printing service providers and manufacturer having headquarter at Minnesota, U.S. They have more than 1200 3D design pattents with high quality materials.

# You can check their 3D printer models – click here

Nano dimension – click here

They are specialized in 3D Nano printing having headquarter in Israel. They have in-house development process with award winning dielectric inks.

# To know more about their printing materials – click here

Ponoko – Click here

Ponoko was founded in the year 2007. This 3D printing company is famous for laser printing. They are situated in UK, USA, New Zealand and in Germany.

You go to their website, upload your 3D printer object and then pay the fees. Next, Ponoko will manufacture your desired product.

They have made their services very much popular due their low and cheap cost of laser printing service. Ponoko has provided services to major companies like-










George P Johnson


Texas instruments


Yale university

Massachusetts institute of technology

3D hubs – click here

This is one of the world’s largest manufacturers which provides 3D printing and CNC machining and operates more than 7000 manufacturing partners.

This 3D printing company was founded in the year 2013 having its headquarters at Netherlands. They provide their 3D printing services in 3 steps –

* You upload your design

* You explore different 3D printing materials and specify your requirements

* Receive your order

Sculpteo – click here

They are specialized in 3D printing services having their headquarter in France. Their 3D printing service includes laser sintering, stereo lithography.

iMaterialise – click here

They provide efficient 3D printing services direct to your home. At first you have to upload your 3D model. Next you choose your materials from list of 100+ different finishes and sizes.

Next, you will receive a price quote and after your approval they company will start your printing. They will also take care of your product’s shipping.

Trinckle – click here

They provide 3D printing service with highest industrial quality with advanced model analysis, variety of materials and production model. Trinckle is a german based 3D printing company.

Make xyz – click here

They provide advanced level 3D printing services with variety printing models like FDM 3D printing, SLA 3D printing, SLS 3D printing.

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