12 Best Podcast Apps and Websites

Best Podcast Apps – Podcasts are digital audio files that are available for listening over the internet through different Podcast platforms. Like Youtube is designed for viewing videos, in the same way Podcasts are designed for listening audio files related to motivational speech, stories, songs, health, business, spirituality, technology, relationship, performing arts, finance, travel, etc.

Nowadays Podcasts are getting more popular than video contents on youtube, instagram, etc. The best part of Podcasts are that you can listen them while you are travelling, at office, in kitchen, or during workout.

There are many Podcast platforms over the internet where you can discover and listen varieties of podcasts. Here in this post we have listed some of the Best Podcast Apps and Websites.

Best Podcast Apps


The company is actually a Sweden based audio streaming company which was founded in the year 2006 with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Spotify is one of the largest podcast platform with over 600 million monthly users.

Spotify has a large database of audio files related to music, albums, playlists and podcasts. At spotify you can stream music from wide range of genres and artists. Apart from music, Spotify has other categories of podcasts on various topics. Till now the Spotify android app has been installed by more than 1000 million users.

Spotify Website

Spotify Android App

Pocket FM

Pocket FM is a popular podcasts and audio books platform where you can discover stories, FM radio channels, audio books, radio shows, courses, relaxing music, and other podcasts in different categories.

Some of the popular podcast categories available here are romance, drama, superpowers, fantasy, love, horror, thriller, health, audio book summary, mystery, self help, spirituality, religious, motivational, business, investment, biography and many more. If you are looking for best podcast apps for android, then you can go with Pocket FM. Till now the Pocket FM android app has been installed by more than 100 million users.

Pocket FM Website

Pocket FM Android App

Amazon Music

Amazon music is a popular music streaming platform operated by Amazon. It was started in the year 2008 with more than 90 million songs. It has different podcast categories like business, workout, music albums, science, fiction, religious, audio stories, etc.

Amazon Music has millions of podcast episodes and trending album playlists. You can play Amazon Music through computers, tablets and smartphones. In terms of best podcast apps ratings, I would give 4.2 out of 5 to Amazon Music. Till now the Amazon Music android app has been installed by more than 100 million users.

Amazon Music Website

Amazon Music Android App

Kuku FM

It’s a popular podcast platform where you can discover audio books, audio stories, talk shows, podcasts, horror stories, novels and songs. Today Kuku FM is India’s trending audio stories platform which has 1000+ audio books.

Some of the popular podcast categories here are self help, love, biography, horror, motivation, crime, historical, religion, etc. Kuku FM also provides full book episode stories in audio formats. It also has entertainment audio stories and podcasts. Till now the Kuku FM android app has been installed by more than 50 million users.

Kuku FM Website

Kuku FM Android App

Best Podcast Apps

Pocket Novel

If you are interested in listening audio stories and novels, then you can go with Pocket Novel. This podcast app brings you the world’s best novels from the best authors. It covers different topics like romance, thriller, suspense, health, cooking, motivation, etc. Till now Pocket Novel android app has been installed by more than 5 million users. Pocket Novel is also in the list of best free podcast apps.

Pocket Novel Website

Pocket Novel Android App


It’s an American podcast and online audio book company that allows users to stream audio books online. It was founded in the year 1995. Audible has varieties of podcast categories like fiction, sci-fi, mysteries, fantasy, thrillers, self development, biographies, memoirs, business, adventure, travel, historical, religious, etc. Till now the Audible android app has been installed by more than 100 million users.

Audible Website

Audible Android App


Podbean has millions of podcast episodes in different categories like arts, business, comedy, education, fictin, health, history, fitness, family, music, leisure, religion, spirituality, science, society, technology, etc.

Podbean is also a famous podcast hosting and podcast monetizing platform where a user can upload his/her own podcast and earn money from it. A user can make compelling podcasts right from his phone and publish it at Podbean. Podbean is a secure platform to grow audience quickly and easily. Till now the Podbean android app has been installed by more than 10 million users.

Podbean Website

Podbean Android App


This podcast platform is famous for thriller, love, drama, self help, horror and romance stories in audio format. It has some of the best audio shows and drama collection. You can also listen to radio stations, shayari, gazals, motivational stories and other podcasts related to startups, news, politics, finance, etc.

It also has other podcasts categories like comedy shows, spiritual talks, health solutions, poetry, music songs, education learning, sports, etc. Till now the Headfone android app has been installed by more than 10 million users.

Headfone Website

Headfone Android App

Pratilipi FM

Pratilipii FM is one of the India’s finest audio platform which has 1000+ hours of audio stories. It is a popular audio story platform with unlimited audio books and files in multi languages like hindi, marathi, bengali, malyalam, kannada, telugu, tamil, gujarati, etc.

You can listen them anytime anywhere like during workout, travelling, driving, cooking or sitting at office. It has a huge library of audio files for every age group like self help, love, horror, kids, crime, spirituality, business, comedy, prank, and many more. Till now the Pratilipi FM android app has been downloaded by more than 5 million users. Pratilipi FM is also in the list of Best Podcast Apps.

Pratilipi FM Website

Pratilipi FM Android App


It’s a great podcast platform with over 3 lakhs audiobooks and millions of podcast episodes worldwide. It also provides daily audio news updates where you can listen news from popular sources like New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and many others.

It has podcasts on audio magazines, religion, spirituality, self help and sleep relaxation. It also has 100+ million podcast episodes including interviews, audio conversations, fiction books, audio book clubs, biography, mystery, horror, thriller, literature, wellness, etc. Till now the Audiobooks android app has been downloaded by more than 5 million users.

Audiobooks Website

Audiobooks Android App


At Storytel you can discover unique audio stories in different categories like crime, biographies, children, fiction, non fictin, classics, sci fi, fantasy, business, history, thrillers, short stories, erotica, religion, spirituality, poetry, drama, etc. Till now the Storytel android app has been downloaded by more than 10 million users.

Storytel Website

Storytel Android App


Soundcloud is a Sweden based online audio streaming platform that was founded in the year 2007. Its headquarters is located in Berlin, Germany. It’s a global community for listening audio files. You can also upload your audio podcasts here.

Soundcloud has more than 300 million music tracks from 30 million artists globally. Here you can discover millions of professional artists, DJs and podcasters. You can find here new and latest launched music and create your own playlists. Till now SoundCloud android app has been installed by more than 100 million users. SoundCloud is also in the list of best podcast apps for android.

SoundCloud Website

SoundCloud Android App

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