Best Podcast App India – Audiobooks, Songs, FM, Horror, Love

Best Podcast App India – Now a days Podcasts are getting popular over video content. The best part of Podcasts are you can listen them while you are in any work, at office, in kitchen, or during workout or travel. There are many Podcast platforms emerged in the internet.

So what you have to do is just plug-in the earphone and enjoy these fantastic audio content on music, drama, songs, motivational podcasts, business, finance, travel, relationship, health, etc. Here in this article I am going to list out some of the Best Podcast App India.

Best Podcast App India

1. Spotify

The company is actually a Sweden based audio streaming company which was founded in the year 2006 with its headquarters in Stockholm Sweden. Spotify is one of the largest podcast platform with over 400 million monthly users.

• Discover new albums, music, playlists and podcasts
• Search for your favorite music, song, artist
• Enjoy different music playlists
• Make and share your own playlists
• Explore the top songs from different genres and categories
• Find music playlists for your every mood

2. Amazon Music (Best free Podcast App)

Amazon music is a music streaming platform operated by Amazon. It was started in the year 2008 with more than 90 million songs. It has different podcast categories like business, workout, music albums, science, fiction, religious, audio stories, etc.

• Play what you love and discover something new every time
• Thousands of stations and trending playlists
• Listen on your favorite devices
• Millions of podcast episodes on different categories
• 2 million hand-curated songs
• Ad-free music
• Unlimited skips and offline listening
• Millions of podcast episodes
• Enjoy the highest quality streaming audio
• Access millions of song in Ultra HD
• Exclusive Ultra HD albums

3. Kuku FM (Best Podcast App India)

Its a popular podcast platform where you can discover audio books, audio stories, talk shows, podcasts, stories and songs. Some of the popular podcast categories here are self help, love, biography, horror, motivation, crime, historical, religion, etc. KukuFM also provides full book stories in audio formats. It also has entertainment audio stories and podcasts.

4. Pocket FM (Best Podcast App India)

Pocket FM is a popular podcasts and audio books platform where you can discover stories, FM radio channels, audio books, radio shows, english speaking course, personality development, relaxing music, and podcasts in different categories. Some of the popular podcast categories available here are romance & love, horror, thriller, health, audio summaries, mystery, self-help, spirituality, religious, motivational books, business & investment, biography and a lot more.

5. Headfone

This podcast platform is famous for thriller, love and romance stories in audio format. It has some of the best audio shows and drama. You can also listen to radio stations, shayari, gazals, motivational stories and podcasts related to startups, news, politics, finance, etc. It also has other podcasts categories like comedy shows, spiritual talks, health solutions, poetry, music songs, education learning, sports, etc.

6. Pratilipi FM

It is a popular story telling platform with unlimited audio books and files in languages like hindi, marathi, bengali, malyalam, kannada, telugu, tamil, gujarati, etc. You can listen them anywhere and anytime during workout, travelling, driving, cooking, etc. It has a huge library of audio files for every age group like self help, love, horror, kids, crime, spirituality, business, comedy, prank, etc.

7. Audiobooks (Best podcast apps India)

Its a great podcast platform with over 3 lakhs audiobooks and millions of podcast episodes. It has daily audio news updates where you can listen news from popular sources like New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and many others. It has audio magazines and sleep relaxation music. It also has 100+ million podcast episodes including interviews, audio conversations, fiction books, audio book clubs, etc. You can browse them and download the audiobooks for offline listening.

Best Podcast App India

8. Soundcloud (Best podcast app for Android)

Soundcloud is a Sweden based online audio streaming platform which was founded in the year 2007. Its headquarters is located in Berlin Germany. Its a global community for listening audio files. You can also upload your audio podcasts here. Soundcloud has more than 200 million music tracks with more than 30 million artists globally.

– Access the most diverse category of music
– Discover millions of professional artists, DJs and podcasters
– Listen to songs that exist nowhere else
– Get suggested tracks based on your listening mood & habits
– Explore SoundCloud Charts for the best music or podcasts
– Connect directly with artists and listeners with same taste
– Create playlists for any occasion
– Find new and latest launched music faster

9. Apple Podcasts

Its an audio streaming and media player application for iOS users. It was developed by Apple Inc. It has millions of audio shows and podcasts. The user can also download the podcasts and listen it offline. It runs on all devices like iPhone, HomePod, Mac, iPad, AppleTV, Apple watch.

10. Tidal

Its an American subscription based podcast and music streaming platform which was started in the year 2014. The company first was launched by a Sweden brand and later owned by an American company Block Inc. Tidal is known for its high fidelity sound, original content and hi-definition video quality. Its a perfect streaming service for all music lovers. They have 80+ million songs and music videos.

11. Deezer (Best podcast Apps)

Deezer is a French music streaming company which was started in the year 2007 with its headquarter in Paris France. You can listen to music from platforms like Sony music, Warner music group, Universal music group and podcasts in devices like android, iOS, windows, blackberry, MasOS, etc.

In music Deezer has different categories like pop, rap, edm, asian, country music, etc. Some of the popular podcast categories are finance, science, interviews, travel, health, story telling, crime, news, romance, workout, etc.