Best Period Pads Brands – Kotex, Whisper, Sofy

Best Sanitary Pads Brands

1. Whisper

Its an American menstrual hygiene products brand which was introduced 1983 in the market. With menstrual hygiene products Whisper also has other products like ultra thin pads, maxi pads, disposable underwear, vaginal wipes, pantyliners, etc. Whisper pads are famous for locking in the moisture and preventing the odour for long hours.

Some of the popular Whisper products in the market are Whisper ultra soft sanitary pads, ultra clean sanitary pads, fresh daily liners, bindazz nights XL pads, etc.

2. Sofy (Best period pads brands)

Its a Japanese sanitary products manufacturing company which manufactures sanitary napkins, antibacterial pads, pantyliners, tampons and other feminine hygiene products. Sofy ensures good body health, safety, hygiene and worry free chums. Sofy pads comes with super absorbent gel and pleasant odour.

Some of the popular products of Sofy are Sofy fit regular pads, antibacterial X large long pads, cool sanitary napkin XL, body fit XL night pads, soft tampons, etc.

3. Always Discreet (Best cotton pads for periods)

Its also a popular sanitary pads manufacturing company which is a part of P&G (Procter & Gamble). The brand manufactures Discreet liners, pads, underwear, sensitive skin liners, and other hygiene products.

Their pads are based on bladder leak mechanism with an overlapping end to end RapidDry core which absorbs the leaks and odour. Discreet underwear comes with 360 degree form fit design. The pads have OdourLock technology which neutralizes odours instantly and continuously.

4. Kotex (Best Period Pads Brands)

Kotex is an American menstrual hygiene products brand which manufactures Kotex maxi, security tampons, ultra thin pads, light pantiliners and other menstrual hygiene products. Kotex pads are popularly known for unique size to fit teens.

Some of the popular Kotex sanitary products are Kotex ultra thin pads with wings, extra heavy over night pads, maxi pads, disposable period underwear, compact tampons, thin liners, extra coverage liners, thong liners, etc.

best period pads brands

5. PeeSafe (Best sanitary pads for sensitive skin)

Its an Indian brand which was founded in the year 2013. They create products from natural ingredients which saves the environment. The pads of this brand are made from organic cotton which is suitable for every skin.

They manufactures products like sanitary napkins, biodegradable disposing bags, toilet sprays, panty liners, maternity pads, menstrual cup sterilizer, menstrual disc, tampons, etc.

6. Carefree (Best sanitary pad brands)

Its an American brand which manufactures feminine hygiene and personal care items. Carefree is a subsidiary part of Johnson & Johnson brand. Carefree provides irritation free pads and panty liners which are designed for every lifestyle to keep you dry, fresh and confident. The pads have wide wings and designed with cotton cover which is suitable for sensitive skins.

Some of the popular Carefree products are Carefree ultra thin pads, overnight ultra thin pads, super ultra thin pads, wrapped liners, thong undies with absorbent comfort, etc.

7. Bella

Bella is also a renowned feminine hygiene products manufacturing brand which manufactures maxi pads, panty liners, tampons, female wipes and ultra thin pads. The pads provides maximum absorption to prevent leakages. Some of the popular Bella pads type are-
* Bella Herbs & Medica (pads enriched with natural herbal extracts)
* Bella Ideale & Perfecta Ultra (premium ultrathin sanitary pads)
* Bella Classic (thick sanitary pads)

8. Stayfree (Best Period Pads Brands)

Stayfree is also a popular name in the sanitary pads market. It manufactures sanitary pads that are safe and comfortable for feminine hygiene. This brand is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Stayfree always believed in providing highest levels of safety and quality to their customers.

They design cotton pads with dry net cover which gives superior dry feel during those days. Some of the popular Stayfree products in the market are Stayfree secure night pads, dry max all night, X-large ultra thin pads, secure cottony wings pad, advanced all nights, etc.