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Best Mattress Brands in India – When you are thinking about buying a mattress you have to consider so many things because the mattress is not just only a mattress it is more than that. One mattress ensures how your sleep will be and we all know how important sleep is. Sometimes you wonder that after taking good food why are you not feeling energetic? The reason behind it is bad quality sleep.

For bad quality sleep one reason can be your mattress. A wrong mattress can also be the reason for your back pain. For getting good sleep we need a good mattress. But in the marker have so many mattresses, choosing from those and getting the right one is hard, especially if you don’t have proper information about that particular product.

So, we are here to make sure you are getting the right information before buying a mattress. Here are best mattress brands in India.

Best Mattress Brands in India

1. SleepyCat Mattress

SleepyCat Plus Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress – This mattress is structured in two layers. One is the gel memory foam layer, which helped you to avoid sweating at the time of sleeping by providing adequate airflow and making sure you are not struggling to get comfortable on the bed. Next of it come Duro HD (high density) foam, which mainly works as a supporter.

That gives strong support to your back. This company also provides a breezy inner cover, that basically protects your mattress from air dust. Air dust can reduce your mattress life span, by protecting from air dust this system ensures your mattress’s long life. On the bottom of this mattress comes an anti-skid base layer, that makes sure that your mattress is not shifting.

So that you can enjoy your mattress without any fear of slipping down. With all this, you get a smart zipper cover, that you can wash whenever you feel you need to do. This mattress is also in the list of top 10 Best Mattress brands in India.


1. One of the great benefits is this mattress will take care of your pressure points. Not like other mattresses, where you sag down or you get your head in the lower position and belly on the upper position, that is disappointing, right? This mattress has equal pressure distribution quality that will make sure that your spinal cord is in a straight position.

2. In this mattress, you will not need to do compromise your comfortable position. The quality of this mattress will help you get a comfortable position. Its gel memory foam will keep your body cool. So with this mattress, you can enjoy sweat-free sleep.

3. This mattress does not transfer motion. So, when you will change your position or will move your leg and hand your partner will not get even a glimpse of it.

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2. Wakefit Mattress (Best Mattress Brands in India)

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Top of this mattress have breathable fabric, that is made with GSM spun fabric. This breathable fabric maintains proper air circulation, prevents your body from heating up. From one side you can give it the name of the air cooler.

The bottom portion has high resilience Foam that provides extra support to your body at the time of sleeping. And in the middle have 7 pressure zone layer, this part is the reason for being this mattress name under best mattresses.

This portion has 7 pressure zone that gives you a perfect body alignment with a bed. So, that you can sleep like a baby.


1. Its eye-catching benefit is, you will get a two-in-one bed by spending money only for one. You can guess by name it is dual. You can use it on any side according to your preference. If you want to go with soft then you can choose that soft side or if you like firm then you can go with the firm side.

2. If you are an allergic person then this will be the best choice for you because it is hypoallergenic.

3. It is completely motion-free, so you can enjoy an uninterrupted sleeping night. You will get a knitted cover that you can remove and wash to make sure your mattress is clean.

4. Because of its air circulation quality your body heat will regulate, which will keep your body cool and will make sure you are getting a relaxing sleep.

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Best Mattress Brands in India

3. Memory Foam Mattress (Top Mattress Brands in India)

It is a four-layered mattress. On the top have a luxurious triple antimicrobial fabric. The second part has a comfort layer. The third part has a pressure relieving memory foam layer, and on the bottom have a body support layer. It has made of microbial fabric.


1. It gives a refreshing sleep.

2. Its triple anti-microbial treatment protects you from fungi, dust, and harmful bacteria.

4. Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam Mattress (Best Mattress Brands in India)

Its top part is covered by a zipper cover. This cover is made of cashmere fabric and 3D fabric. After this, you will get a gel-infused memory foam that will help you to easily settle down on the bed without moving around.

On the bottom part have responsible foam for incomparable back support. Also, you will get an inner cover that is made of cotton this is washable you can wash and reuse it. Here you will get to see a 3D airflow system that helps to keep your body cool. This mattress is also in the list of top 10 Best Mattress brands in India.


1. One of the great benefits is, its zipper cover is aloe vera gel infused that will keep your skin healthy.

2. Its gel-infused memory foam will increase your blood circulation. As it has the quality to prevent motion circulation. So, you can get a disturbance-free sleep.

3. Its 3D airflow foam technology will absorb your body heat and release it via a 3d airflow system. That can land you in the fairy world via your dream.

4. The most tempting thing is this company offers a 100night free trial. This means, after sleeping on it for 100night if you do not feel good, you will get your money back.

5. On this mattress, you will get 10 years warranty. So, no need to be tense, because if you face any sort of problems you can talk with them, also can get certain services.

6. By falling on this mattress you can feel you are laying on a cloud. Is it sounding strange? But it’s true. It is made in that way for the busy working person. So that after a long day of work they can relax their body on this mattress.

7. The last benefit but not the least, that it is comes at a lower price compared to its quality. The price of a mattress from another company with the same quality is touching the sky.

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5. The Sleep Company Mattress

The Sleep Company SmartGrid Orthopedic 6-inch Mattress – This mattress built in two layers. The first layer is revolutionary 1″ smart grid. This part helps people to reduce body pain by perfectly adapting their body shape. The second layer is high resilient support foam, which provides 2x support to your body. This mattress is made of hyper elastic polymer. Woven through soft fabric, that will help you to get release body pain.


1. Its 2500 air channels will keep you cool.

2. Because its cover is made of cotton so you will get a super soft bed.

3. This mattress has specifically been made as a solution to back pain. At the time of sleeping it keep your spinal code straight and makes sure you are not sinking on the bed, which slowly reduces body pain and ensures that you would not face any back pain in the future because of a bad sleeping position.

4. This is super elastic, its elasticness will take your sleep on another level.
Its smart grit technology ensures motion isolation. So that you don’t become the reason for your partner’s disturbance.

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—– Article by Sabina Yasmin

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