Best Lifestyle Bloggers in India – Food, Travel, Style, Fashion

Best Lifestyle Bloggers in India – Now a days people prefer to read personal Blogs than Magazine. The main reason is that in Blogs you can get different personal experiences and ideas on various topics like makeup, beauty, food, travel, lifestyle, health, business, and other day to day topics.

Here in this post we have listed some of the Best Lifestyle Bloggers in India. These blogs are related to different life domain like food, travel, style and lifestyle.

Famous Lifestyle Bloggers in India

1. MissMalini

The founder of this online magazine is Malini Agarwal, who is a best selling author, an Indian digital influencer, a TV host and an entrepreneur. If you want to read daily bollywood lifestyle gossip and fashion news then you must follow MissMalini magazine. If you want to know about fashion and beauty tips followed by bollywood actors and actress then you can regular follow this online blog cum magazine.

The magazine also updates latest and upcoming movies release dates. MissMalini is a perfect example of a lifestyle and entertainment online blog. As per Similarweb this blog receive an average visitor of 400K every month. MissMalini is in the list of top lifestyle blogs in India.

2. Let’s Expresso

The founder of this blog is Tanya who is from Delhi. She is also in the list of popular lifestyle bloggers in India. She writes about food, travel, beauty, fashion, personality development, etc. Sometimes she also writes about product reviews. In her blog there is also a Beauty section where you can read beauty tips. You can also browse other popular categories in her blog like the fashion, travel and wellness.

best lifestyle bloggers in india

3. Akanksha Redhu

The founder of this blog is Akanksha who is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Here you can read articles related to luxury products, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel, etc. Her main writing focus is on fashion tips.

4. Garima’s Good Life

Its a very famous lifestyle youtube channel whose founder is Garima Goel. She is a Gold Medalist in Mass Communication and also had worked as a media professional for several years. Later she moved on to be a vlogger. In her youtube channel she vlog about bollywood life, food, travel and other lifestyle topics. As of now she has 3 million over youtube subscribers in her channel. She is in the list of top 10 famous lifestyle bloggers in India.

famous lifestyle bloggers in india

5. Guilty Bytes

The founder of this lifestyle blog is Devina Malhotra and she writes about fashion, beauty, style, wedding tips, food, travel, culture, and on other topics. Her main focus of writing is on beauty and fashion tips.

6. Urban Diaries (Top lifestyle blogs in India)

The founder of this lifestyle blog is Tanya Dhar. She writes here about urban lifestyle, wellness tips, travel destinations, food recipes, etc. Tanya has also worked with many big brands and featured in media.

7. Yoga Station

Its a lifestyle youtube channel on Yoga tips. Here you can learn complete body Yoga poses (Aasan) from beginner to advanced level. As of now she has 935K over subscribers in her channel. This channel is also in the list of top lifestyle blogs in India.

best lifestyle bloggers in india

8. Gia Says That (Best Lifestyle Bloggers in India)

The founder of this blog is Gia Kashyap who is a beauty and fashion lover. Gia writes on makeup, travel, beauty, lifestyle, travel, shopping, product reviews, etc. Her main writing focus is on shopping, lifestyle, beauty and makeup tips articles.

9. Stylish by Nature (Popular lifestyle bloggers in India)

The founder of this blog is Shalini Chopra who writes about bollywood, beauty, events, food recipes, fashion, travel, and other lifestyle topics. You can find different Categories in her blog like Food n Wine, events, beauty, lifestyle are the popular one.

10. Naina

Naina (the founder of this blog) is basically a professional photographer and visual artist. In her blog she writes about lifestyle, photography, fashion, travel, etc. She is also in the list of popular lifestyle bloggers in India.

11. Modern Gypsy

The founder of this blog is Shinjini who is an artist, tarot card reader and journal keeper. In her blog she writes about painting, tarot card reading, art culture, lifestyle, etc. If you are interested in spiritual facts and tarot card reading then you must follow this blog. Here you can also learn about different types of arts.

12. Shalzmojo

This blog is all about lifestyle, travel and book. If you like reading during travel then this blog will be a perfect fit for your journey. The founder of this blog is Shalz who writes about book reviews, travel, fiction, food, etc.

popular lifestyle bloggers in india

13. Cherry on Top

The founder of this blog is Sayantini who loves to write on topics like beauty, fashion, lifestyle, self care, product reviews, home decor, etc.

14. Flying Beast (Best Lifestyle Bloggers in India)

Its a complete family youtube channel. The founder of this youtube channel in Gaurav Taneja. Here he mostly uploads daily life videos related to family, entertainment, bollywood, travel, etc. As of now this youtube channel has 7.70 million over subscribers.

15. The Girl at First Avenue

The founder of this lifestyle blog is Chandana Munipalle. She writes about fashion, travel, home interiors and lifestyle. Her main focus writing is on fashion and lifestyle.

16. Kids Stop Press

This is basically a parenting Blog which is founded by Mansi Zaveri. Here you can read every updated parenting trend, children lifestyle, meal plans, taking care tips, family outings, and many more. Some of the popular categories of this blog are infants, baby, toddlers, kids, pregnancy, kids education, nutrition, child development, breastfeeding, etc.

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