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Best Kayak Brands – Today Kayaking has become a fun and adventure activity. Apart from fun, Kayaing also improves cardiovascular fitness. Kayaking involves exercise of shoulders, back, arms and chest while moving the paddle. There are dozens of different Kayaks built for specific purposes like for fishing, for adventure, for travel, etc. Kayaks are also built for different places like for open oceans, rivers, and small ponds.

Kayaks are also designed on different features like speed, stability, size, seat comfort, security features, etc. Here in this post we have listed some of the Best Kayak Brands which you can prefer to choose your Kayak.

Best Kayak Brands

Stealth Kayaks

They are considered as high performance racing Kayaks. Stealth Kayak also manufactures fishing Kayaks. The brand manufactures Kayaks by following in-house designs with CAD (computer aided design) programs. The brand manufactures Kayaks with lightweight materials and fiberglass. The Kayaks are also available in different colours.

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Aire Kayaks (Best Kayak brands for rivers)

Aire is famous for manufacturing river Kayaks and Rafts. It manufactures Kayaks for single person and for team. The Kayaks are adventure ready and are perfect for lakes, rivers and oceans. For example the Lynx model comes with a sleek design which provides incredible stability and control.

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Ocean Kayak (Best Kayak brands for fishing)

This Kayak brand manufactures recreational Kayaks. They also manufactures fishing kayak, pedal kayak, solo and team kayaks. The Kayak comes with gear storage, rod holders and everything you need to explore the water adventure. Special and adjustable seat provides hours of comfort.

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Eddyline Kayaks

They manufactures light weight kayaks best for touring and recreational activities. Eddyline Kayaks is an independent owned brand which manufactures kayaks and accessories. They also provide shipping facilities and excellent customer service. With years of experience they manufactures kayaks as per customer’s need.

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best kayak brands for fishing

Pelican Kayak (Best Kayak brands for beginners)

Pelican manufactures different types of recreation and water sports gear like boats, kayaks, paddle boat, sleds, fishing boat and gears, etc. Pelican manufactures Kayaks for different activities like fishing, recreation, river tour, solo adventure, etc. The Kayaks are of different sizes, colours and patterns which gives you a stable and relaxing kayaking experience.

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Delta Kayaks (Best Kayak brands for lakes)

They manufactures high quality and light weight Kayaks. For kayak designing the brand goes through the CAD (computer aided design) process. The Kayak comes with extra storage capacity like a small cabin for multi day trips. The kayaks are suitable for every lake and sea conditions. The kayaks are built for adventure and long treks.

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Vibe Kayaks

Vibe manufactures fishing and recreational kayaks. The brand started their journey by manufacturing budget friendly fishing kayaks and now it manufactures kayaks, apparel, fishing gears, kayak paddle, and other accessories. Some of the popular kayak models by this brand are Shearwater, Cubera, Sea ghost, Yellowfin, Skipjack, etc.

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Wilderness Systems Kayak (Best Kayak Brands for recreation and fishing)

Here you can find different types of kayaks like sit inside kayaks, sit on top kayaks, pedal and power kayaks, fishing kayaks, tandem kayaks, recreation kayaks, etc. Some of the popular Kayak models are Tsunami, Pamlico, Pungo, Aspire, Polaris tandem, Tarpon tandem, Tempest, Radar, Recon, etc.

For recreational activities and fishing you can go with sit on top kayaks, and for touring sit inside kayaks will be the best. The brand also manufactures kayak accessories like kayak kart with beach wheels, kayak water bottle holder, trolling motor, kayak seat kit, lumbar support, kayak beach wheel, etc.

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NuCanoe Kayaks (Best kayak brands for fishing)

The brand is popular for manufacturing fishing kayaks. The kayaks comes with customizable decks that put you in control. The kayaks are ideal for fishing, fly fishing and hunting. The kayaks comes in different variants like pedal, power and paddle. The brand also manufactures accessories and gear like paddles, anchor, rod holders, outfitting, motors, casting bars, etc.

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Sevylor Kayaks

The brand is famous for manufacturing Kayaks, Canoes and Puddle jumper swimming aids. They manufactures kayaks for both lakes and seas. Their Adventure and Tahiti models are for team recreation activities. Other famous kayak models by the brand are Sevylor tahaa, Colorado, Ottawa inflatable kayak, Alameda, Madison, Waterton, Adventure plus, Hudson, etc.

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