Best Cyber Security Websites – Data breach, Computer security, Malware

Best Cyber Security Websites – In today’s time, every work is being done on the Internet through a network; Whether it be online shopping, video call, work from home or any private/government project. Today Cyber Security has become an emerging topic because everyone wants to keep their network system safe and secure from attackers.

Here in this article we have listed some of the popular and best Cyber security websites and blog from where you can learn cyber security tips and tricks. You can also learn Cyber security news and latest cyber crime happening around the globe.

Best Cyber Security Websites

Graham Cluley

Here you can read computer security news, advice and opinion. The founder of this blog is Graham Cluley who is a computer expert and has experience of working in the computer security industry. He also worked as a programmer. In his blog, apart from computer security tips you can also read latest computer security news.


The founder of this blog is Brian Krebs who is an American journalist and investigative reporter. He is very much popular in cybercrime cases. Here in his blog you can learn in-depth security news and investigation reports in cyber crimes, computer security and data breaches.

Dark Reading (Best Cyber Security Websites)

Its a trusted online community for cyber security professionals who want to learn about new cyber attacks, online threats, vulnerabilities and cyber security news trends. This online magazine has different sections to read like application security, attacks & breaches, cloud security, mobile security, security monitoring & analytics, database security, etc.


Its a Cyber security magazine which is providing knowledge and news in the information security industry from the past 12 years. Here you can read topics related to cyber security guide, API security, cybersecurity awareness training program, etc.