Best Coding Websites for Kids – Learn coding during Game play

Best Coding Websites for Kids – Welcome to! Today coding and programming have become interesting skills which are not only liked by teenagers but also by kids. Now-a-days coding has become a basic literacy for the digital age. Coding helps children to improve their analytics skills and creativity. Coding classes have also become mandatory in schools. Here in this article we are listing some of the Best Coding Websites for Kids. The coding websites listed here will help your kids to learn coding from the beginner to advanced level, from the comfort of home.

Best Coding Websites for Kids

Code Combat

Its basically a coding game/program which helps kids to learn basic to advanced coding skills like javaScript, python, etc. It was founded in the year 2013 with its headquarter in California, U.S. Code Combat would be a creative and engaging way for parents to teach their kids computer science, programming and coding skills. Code Combat’s project based learning help students to learn, solve and develop their own online webpage projects.

Stencyl (Best coding websites for kids)

Its a video game developer tool which helps to develop 2D video games for computers, websites, android and iPhone devices. This coding tool is best for kids to develop their own flash games. After developing games from here they can launch it in platforms like-
* iOS (iPhone/iPad)
* Android
* Windows
* Mac
* Linux
* HTML5 (web pages)

Code Monkey (Best Coding company for Kids)

Its a game based coding tool for kids. This tool is an educational game based program which will teach your kids real coding language so that they can develop their own games and other online coding programs. Code Monkey has both mobile Application based and Web based courses. Code Monkey has some amazing coding courses for your kids like text based coding, game builder, coding chatbots, etc.

Best Coding Websites for Kids

Tynker (Best Coding classes for Kids online)

Its a kids programming language online tool which helps kids to make games and programs. Tynker is best for kids who are between 5 to 18 years of age group. Tynker is a fun way to learn programming and develop coding programs. This platform was featured by popular brands like Google education, minecraft, Lego, sylvan, microsoft, facebook, BBC learning, barbie, etc. This program has 60+ award winning courses with more than 4000 learning modules.

Scratch (Best coding websites for kids)

Its a block based visual programming language best suitable for children of age group 7 to 17 years. By using a block like interface they can create web based projects, stories, games and animations. You can browse some of their live projects – click here.

For example check this video presentation of a project-

GameBlox (Best coding sites for kids)

Its a block based programming language by which kids can make games and at the same time learn coding during the game making process. This tool was developed at the MIT Step Lab under the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Scheller teacher Program.

Kodable (Best coding company for kids online)

Its a popular platform for kids to learn programming. Here kids can learn core programming language through engaging games. Kodable is best suitable for kids of age 4 to 15 years. Its the best platform for kids to learn swift and Javascript programs. This platform is also trusted by more than 50% of schools in U.S.

Scratch Jr (Best coding brands)

Its an introductory visual programming language made for children of age 5 to 7 years. Kids can make their own stories and games through graphical graphs and characters. ScratchJr is also available in iPhone and android.

Osmo (Best coding websites for kids)

This creative coding program has been adopted in more than 30,000 classrooms in over 40 countries. Osmo helps your kid to learn during their game play. There are many games which your kid can play and learn like maths games, puzzles, spelling games, drawing, pizza making, detective, etc.

Box Island (Best coding classes for kids)

With the help of this program you can teach your kids the fundamentals of coding. They can learn sequences, algorithms, loops and patterns during game play. Kids will enjoy playing colourful 3D games. This program is also suitable for schools to provide quality introduction to coding in their classrooms. Box island is also available in iOS, iPhone!

Blocky Games

Its an online gaming program which has different types of games like puzzle, maze, turtle, birds, movie, music, pond, etc. By playing these games kids can learn the basic functions of coding.

Free code Camp (Best coding classes for kids)

This coding site is best suitable for teenagers where they can learn to code, build projects and get certified. It is also featured in giant platforms like USA today, business insider, wired, lifehacker, Inc., BBC, New york times.

It has many certified courses like web design, javaScript, front end development, data visualization, python, information security, machine learning, etc.