16 Best Buddhism Websites – Buddhism Teaching, Meditation, Positivity

Best Buddhism Websites – Buddhism is consider as world’s 4th largest religion with 520 million followers around the globe. Buddhism religion have their own beliefs, traditions and spiritual practices. Here in this article we have listed some of the Best Buddhist Websites and blogs you can follow to lead a peaceful lifestyle.

Best Buddhism Websites

Tiny buddha (Best buddhist magazines)

Tiny buddha is a popular buddhist website where you can learn buddhism principles. Here you can learn solutions related to every kind of life problems like anxiety, stress, self belief, self relaxation techniques, self motivation, relationship, etc. The Blog section here has some of the best categories to read articles like happiness & fun, love relationships, mindfulness & peace, letting go, life challenges, healthy habits, work fulfillment, tiny wisdom, etc.

There is also a Quotes category where you can read life motivational positive quotes. In the Forum section you can participate in life related questions answers. You can also ask questions to experts, take part in different discussion topics.

# Tiny buddha official website

Mindful (Best buddhism websites)

Mindful is a popular buddhism blog where you can read buddhism related articles like daily meditation practices, mental & physical health, kids health, relationships guide, maintaining a balanced working & personal life, healthy lifestyle guide, etc. There is also a Meditation category where you can learn complete meditation guide.

# Mindful official website

The Karmapa (Best buddhism websites)

Here you can learn deep knowledge related to buddhism teachings and principles. The Karmapa is a popular buddhism website which teaches daily buddhism lifestyle tips. You can also learn various Buddhism related topics like Shakyamuni buddha, buddhism in India, buddhism in Tibet, Kagyu lineage, hinayana teachings, mahayana teachings, vajarayana teachings, etc.

# The Karmapa official website

Lion’s roar

Its a buddhism blog where you can learn buddhist teachings, perspectives, buddhism news, buddha dharma, life & culture, buddhist wisdom, meditation, wellness & psychology, etc.

# Lion’s roar website link

Dalai lama blog (Best buddhism blogs)

This blog belongs to the highest spiritual leader of Tibet Dalai Lama. He is famous for buddhism spiritual teaching in all over the world. Here you can read buddhism messages and articles related to human values, training the mind, practical advices, world peace, environment, words of truth, religious harmony, etc. In the News section here you can read latest news related to buddhism latest happenings.

# Dalai lama official website

Urthona (Best buddhist magazines)

Its a buddhist art magazine where you can read articles related to mythology, buddhist teaching & principles, music, mythology, poetry, psychogeography, visual arts, etc. Here you can read in-depth articles related to buddhism art of living.

# Urthona website

Tricycle (Best Buddhism Websites)

The main objective of this buddhist magazine is to spread buddhist teachings and practices all over the world. It is a leading independent journal of Buddhism. Here you can learn different buddhist topics like body, mind, meditation, society, buddhism history & philosophy, etc.

# Tricycle website

The Buddhist society

This is basically a platform which provides courses and classes in Buddha’s teachings like meditation, fundamental teachings, buddhist festivals, buddhism courses, kamma actions & results, jataka stories, different forms & spread of buddhism, zen meditation & practice, tibetan meditation, theravada meditation, etc. You can also attain online sessions. The office is located in London, U.K.

In the Video library category here you can learn buddhist principles & teachings like how to deal with anger & fear, basic meditation, bodhisattva’s way, theravada meditation, buddhism lessons, etc.

# The buddhist society website

Buddhism guide (Best buddhism blogs)

behaviour changing, buddha’s last words, sense of self, four immeasurables words, four foundations of mindfulness, how to stay focused, buddha’s truth, right livelihood, power of speech, art of letting go, virtue of patience, etc. In the Blog section here you can also read buddhism related articles.

# Buddhism guide website

Buddha weekly (Best buddhism websites)

Its a popular buddhism blog where you can learn about Buddhism from the root level. Here you will learn topics related to buddhist practices, mantra, karma, buddhist sutras, path to enlightenment, rebirth, tantra, vajrayana, mahayana, meditation, mindfulness, etc.

# Buddha weekly official website

Sravasti Abbey (Buddhist teachings online)

Basically its a buddhist monastery where buddhism teaching and practices are given. Here you can learn buddhism meditation, monastic life, vinaya living, buddha puja, etc. This buddhist monastic community is located in USA.

# Sravasti abbey official website

Dawn mountain (Buddhism art of living Center)

Its a center of Tibetan buddhism teaching where you can learn buddhism art of living, healing practice, mind develop skills, etc. The office is located in Houston, Texas.

# Dawn mountain official website

The existential buddhist (Best buddhism blog)

Its a popular buddhism blog where you can read articles related to Buddhism philosophy, ethics, meditation, buddhism art of living, etc.

# The existential buddhist official website

Lotus happiness (Best buddhism websites)

Its a buddhism blog where you can learn topics related to freedom, joy, happiness, personal development, meditation, buddhism fundamentals, buddhism quotes & stories, healing & therapy, spirituality, etc.

# Lotus happiness official website

Plum village

Its a global community of buddhism mindfulness practice center which offers buddhism teachings. It was founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh who is a global spiritual leader, peace activist, poet and writer.

# Plum village website

Soka Gakkai International

Its an American buddhist organization which practices buddhism on the philosophy of Nichiren buddhism. Nichiren was 13th century Japanese buddhist priest. Nichiren buddhism is a buddhism branch based on his teachings.

# Soka gakkai international website

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