10 Best Backup Apps for Android

Best Backup Apps for Android – Nobody wants to loose important things from their android smartphones, whether it be important documents, images, videos, songs, pdf files, contact list, or other important files.

But what if your smartphone gets stolen, or accidentally gets damaged, or get any technical issues? In that case, you may loose all your important data, documents and files. That’s why phone backup apps play an important role for securing those files and data.

There are many Android Backup Apps that allow to securely store phone data and files like photos, pdf files, documents, messages, contacts, videos and app data; either locally or on cloud services. These backup apps ensure that in case if your android device is stolen, lost or damaged; then you can restore your data in a new device effortlessly.

Best Backup Apps for Android

G Cloud Backup

It’s a free android backup app which is simple and safe to backup your android files like messages, contacts, videos, photos, music and other documents. This app will store your files in the cloud server.

It creates automatic backup of all your files and documents. The app also provides a personal passcode system by which you can protect your data. With a single click you can sign up here by synchronizing with your social accounts like google and facebook; and access your files.

You can also take backup of your phone SD card. By using this android backup app you can also migrate your files from one android device to another. For every single android user, this android backup app provides 10 GB of free storage. Till now this app has been downloaded by more than 5 million users.

G Cloud Backup Android App

Super Backup & Restore

It’s one of the fastest data backup and restore app for android. You can take backup of all your sms messages, call logs, web bookmarks, voice call recordings, contacts, and SD card files. Even you can also schedule your automatic backups. Till now this app has been installed by more than 10 million users.

Super Backup & Restore Android App

Easy Contacts Backup & Restore

While taking backup, we generally miss to take backup of phone Contacts. This android app is specially designed to deal with phone Contacts backup and restore. This backup app provides an easiest way to backup phone’s entire contacts list with a single tap.

Apart from taking backup, a user can also export or send the Contacts backup file via email and social share. This app is also in the list of Best Backup Apps for Android.

Easy Contacts Backup & Restore Android App

iDrive Online Backup

With this android backup app you can backup and restore your phone photos, contacts, calendar notes, documents, and texts. By linking your android device with this single app, you can access all your android files and data from anywhere.

You can manually take backup of all your important files by selecting them. You will also get a secure link to share your files and folders. Till now this app has been installed by 1 million users.

iDrive Online Backup Android App


TeraBox is also a popular cloud storage android app by which you can take backup of your photos, videos, pdf, documents and other phone contents. TeraBox provides 1024 GB permanent free cloud storage space.

This backup android app provide a safe and secure place for all your phone contents. This app also supports online photo preview and video playing anytime anywhere. You can easily back up, sync, access and share all your important contents. Till now this android app has been installed by more than 100 million users.

TeraBox Android App

Best Backup Apps for Android

Degoo Backup

It’s an amazing backup app for android that provides 20 GB cloud storage space for your device backup files and documents. You can backup all your device files direct to Degoo’s cloud drive; whether it be photos, documents, music, or videos. You can sync and store all your files in one place. Till now this app has been downloaded by more than 10 million users.

Degoo Backup Android App


Dropbox is also a famous backup and cloud storage app. A user can backup and store files, photos, videos, documents, and contacts in Dropbox. Dropbox enables its users to access the stored files anytime and anywhere online or offline. It keeps the files organized, safe and accessible all time. Dropbox also comes in the list of best android backup apps. Till now this app has been installed by 1000 million (1 billion) users.

Dropbox Android App

Icedrive Cloud Storage

This is a backup cum cloud storage app. You can take backup of your documents, photos, pdf, videos and music with Icedrive app. With the help of this app you can access your files anytime from anywhere. Icedrive also enables its users to access important files in offline mode.

Icedrive Cloud Storage Android App

MobiDrive Cloud Storage

It’s also a secure and powerful cloud storage platform where a user can take backup and store important files. A user can backup his photos, videos and music files within few clicks. It offers 20 GB free storage space for beginners which can be later extended upto 2 TB (2000 GB).

MobiDrive Cloud Storage Android App

pCloud Storage

It’s one of the most secured encrypted cloud storage platform where you can backup and store files, documents, music and videos. For beginners it offers 10 GB free storage space. After backup, all your stored files can be accessed through your pCloud account.

pCloud offers highest level of encryption by which you can keep your private files confidential. Till now this app has been downloaded by more than 1 million users. pCloud also comes in the list of Best Backup Apps for Android.

pCloud Storage Android App

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