7 Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives – Edit photos professionally

Adobe Photoshop Alternative – As we all know that Adobe Photoshop is a leading photo editor and image editor solution for beginners and professionals. In the year 1988, John Knoll and THOMAS created Photoshop. Now it has become one of the leading brand in the Windows and Mac OS field. Not only in MAC and Windows, but it has also reached to iPhone and Android system. Now a days anyone can easily download Adobe photoshop app from iPhone and Android store.

Adobe photoshop can perform many tasks like alpha compositing, image editing, graphics editing, etc. It has also some other additional software too like Photoshop express, Lightroom, Photoshop elements, Photoshop touch, etc. They all falls in the “Adobe photoshop family” applications.

Here in this review we are listing the best Adobe Photoshop Alternative, for professional photo editing works.

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternative

Gimp – Download here

Gimp is one of the closest alternative to Photoshop. Its little bit complicated, but if you are professional, then you can do many things with Gimp.

There are also tutorial available. It is free, and runs in all platform including some Linux distributions. Its a powerful image editing solutions for lightweight platforms.


Krita – Download here

If you are looking for painting and sketching features for creativity and commercial use, then Krita will be a great choice. It has some advanced support for photo animation.

Krita is perfect solution for digital drawing and painting with a clean User interface. It has a sleek design and many other useful resources like-

* Filter layers, adjustment layers

* Deformation tools

* Transparency masks

* Robust brush editor

For digital illustrators, Krita is the best alternative.


Affinity photo – Download here

With Affinity photo you can zoom and pan at 60fps, and with live previews. Affinity photo is a leading full-featured graphics editor. The good news is, it keeps adding new features and there is no paid upgrade for it. Only there is a one time payment which is very low.

It also has a forum with an excellent team which answers any questions. It has a direct import for PSD files and has a simple ‘persona system’.

Overall it is cheap, easy to use, full featured and an amazing User interface.


Sketch – Download here

[Photoshop alternative for MAC]

Its a vector drawing application for Mac users. It has a powerful, intuitive and uncluttered user interface. In the year 2012, SKETCH has won the ‘Apple design award’. It was developed by a Dutch company and was released in the year 2010.

It also has some powerful plugins and extensions like-

* Gif.me for playing gifs and videos

* Sketch play for creating breakout games

* Comma for editing text layers

* Icon flower for arranging shapes, icons, and images

* Sketch measure for measurements

* Content generator which generate dummy names, avatars, photos


Photoscape – Download here

[Free photoshop alternative online]

It is a free photo editing software through which you can fix and enhance photos like resizing, color adjustment, brightness, and others.


Polarr – Download here

It is a artificial intelligence photo editing and management tool. This tool was founded by 2 Standford university students – Enhao gong and Borui wang.

It has various versions like-

* You can use it online

* It is available for windows

* Also available for Linux

* Also available for MAC OS

* You can also use it in google chrome


Design wizard – visit here

Design Wizard is an online graphic design software via. which you can create high quality visual content within minutes. It works in 3 simple steps-

1. Select a template [There are thousands of pre-made templates available in their dashboard]

2. Next tailor your template with fonts and free images

3. Finally schedule, download or share your image


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